In the center of the evil : PLAN B FOR EUROPE?

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a few days ago a podium discussion with Yanis Varoufakis, Franco „Bifo“ Berardi, Srećko Horvat and Guillaume Paoli took place at the Volksbühne theater in Berlin.


(Introduction in German, discussion in English)

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Yanis Varoufakis, former financial minister in the first Syriza government in Greece;

Franco “Bifo” Berardi, Italian scientist of semiotics and activist;

Srećko Horvat, philosopher and director of the “Subversive festival” in Zagreb.

The three discuss the crisis in eurozone and the European left and whether or how respectively an alternative for the EU / eurozone was possible.

Varoufakis provides among other things new information about the functioning of eurogroup-meetings.

Berardi asks, whether the tools of democracy are able to overcome the financial and political system. He postulates, that democracy in the old fashioned and known manner is over. It is not able to cut the ties between financial machine and social life.

While Berardi focuses on the question of democracy itself, Varoufakis postulates the end of democracy and politics on the national level and the need for a democratization of the eurozone, beyond national party lines. To destroy and abandon the EU is no solution for Varoufakis, because he fears the victory for nationalists, racists, speculators.

He proposes to democratize the eurozone, the money with creating a

paneuropean network of democrats.


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