Julian ASSANGE: ‘Strategic depopulation’ of Syria likely cause of EU refugee crisis; RT 27 Oct, 2015 02: 13

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Martin Zeis, 27.10.2015


Julian ASSANGE: ‘Strategic depopulation’ of Syria likely cause of EU refugee crisis
RT – Published time: 27 Oct, 2015 02:13

The flooding of Europe by countless waves of refugees may be the result of the “strategic depopulation” of Syria carried out by opponents of the country’s government, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has suggested.

Transparency organization WikiLeaks has looked through its diplomatic cables and unearthed “an interesting speculation about the refugee movement,” Assange said in an interview with Geek news site, ThePressProject.

“So, the speculation was this: Occasionally opponents of a country would engage in strategic depopulation, which is to decrease the fighting capacity of a government,” he explained.

The whistleblower pointed out that “it’s predominantly the middle class that is fleeing” Syria on account of having “language skills, money, some connections.” Engineers, managers and civil servants are “precisely, the classes that …[are] needed to keep the government functioning,” he said.

30 minute interview with Julian ‪#Assange including on the strategic depopulation of Syria — see: http://thepressproject.gr/podcast/final_assange.mp3



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