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Weapons of Mass Deception

Weapons of Mass Deception

von alexandrabader

Sergej und Julia Skripal, von denen es kein Lebenszeichen gibt, sollen mit russischem Nervengas vergiftet worden sein, behauptet Großbritannien, das auch am meisten Druck machte für einen “Militärschlag” gegen Syrien. Dort fand blitzartig eine angebliche Giftgasattacke statt, kaum dass die USA bekanntgaben, dass sie sich aus dem leidgeprüften Land zurückziehen wollen. Zwar wurden unter Aufsicht der OPCW syrische – nie eingesetzte – Chemiewaffenbestände von den USA und Russland vernichtet, aber wen stören solche Details, wenn man Kriegspropagandapresse zur Verfügung hat? Diese verbreitet eifrig Behauptungen und sichtbar gestellte Aufnahmen von angeblichen Opfern, die sämtlich von Organisationen kommen, die Jaish Al-Islam (Al Nusra Front) und Al Qaida nahestehen. Erst mit Trump kämpften US-Truppen gegen den IS und andere Gruppierungen, statt sie mehr oder weniger offensichtlich zu unterstützen. Wie beim Irakkrieg 2003, wo aus “Weapons of Mass Destruction” bald “Weapons of Mass Deception” wurden, gibt es keine eigentlichen Geheimdienstberichte, die stichhaltige Beweise liefern, sondern man bastelt sich etwas zusammen, gibt sogar wie im Fall Frankreichs zu, dass das Material aus dem Internet bzw. von “NGOs” stammt (“White Helmets” und Co.). (…)

Newly revealed Russian weapons systems: political implications – The Saker


Newly revealed Russian weapons systems: political implications  

[This analysis was written for the Unz Review] For those interested in the military implications of the recent revelations by Vladimir Putin about new Russian weapon systems I would recommend the excellent article entitled “The Implications of Russia’s New Weapon Systems” by Andrei Martyanov who offers a superb analysis of what these new weapons mean for the USA and, especially, the US Navy. (…)

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The SAKER: Did Russia Just “Gently” Threaten The USA? – Facts on the so-called “leak” of “secr et documents”, zerohedge, Nov 12, 2015

The Western media – inclusive the alternative ones – are racking their brains as to the ominous leaked top secret documents by a major Russian TV channel about an “Ocean Multipurpose System: Status-6”, showing some drawings of a new Russian nuclear submarine weapons system. I my opinion the case is clarified by The SAKER, a former US-military-expert (see: ).

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zerohedge, 12.11.2015 —
primary source:

Did Russia Just “Gently” Threaten The USA?
Interesting stuff today. A major Russian TV channel just aired a report about Putin meeting with his top military commanders. I don’t have the time to translate what Putin said word for word, but basically he said that the USA had refused every single Russian offer to negotiate about the US anti-missile system in Europe and that while the US had initially promised that the real target of this system was Iran, now that the Iranian nuclear issue had been solved, the US was still deploying the system. Putin added that the US was clearly attempting to change the world’s military balance. And then the Russian footage showed this: URL:

According to the Kremlin, it was a mistakenly leaked secret document. And just to make sure that everybody got it, RT wrote a full article in English about this in an article entitled “‘Assured unacceptable damage’: Russian TV accidentally leaks secret ‘nuclear torpedo’ design“. According to RT –URL:

The presentation slide titled “Ocean Multipurpose System: Status-6” showed some drawings of a new nuclear submarine weapons system. It is apparently designed to bypass NATO radars and any existing missile defense systems, while also causing heavy damage to “important economic facilities” along the enemy’s coastal regions. The footnote to the slide stated that Status-6 is intended to cause “assured unacceptable damage” to an adversary force. Its detonation “in the area of the enemy coast” would result in “extensive zones of radioactive contamination” that would ensure that the region would not be used for “military, economic, business or other activity” for a “long time.” According to the blurred information provided in the slide, the system represents a massive torpedo, designated as “self-propelled underwater vehicle,” with a range of up to 10 thousand kilometers and capable of operating at a depth of up to 1,000 meters.

Actually, such ideas are nothing new. The late Andrei Sakharov had already proposed a similar idea to basically wipe out the entire US East Coast. The Russians have also look into the possibility to detonate a nuclear device to set off the “Yellowstone Caldera” and basically destroy most of the USA in one shot. While in the early years following WWII the Soviets did look into all sort of schemes to threaten the USA with destruction, the subsequent development of Soviet nuclear capabilities made the development of this type of “doomsday weapons” useless. Personally, I don’t believe for one second that the Russians are now serious about developing such system as it would be literally a waste of resources. So what is going on here?

This so-called “leak” of “secret documents” is, of course, no leak at all. This is a completely deliberate action. To imagine that a Russian journalist could, just by mistake, film a secret document (helpfully held up for him by a general) and then just walk away, get it passed his editor and air it is laughable. Any footage taken in a meeting of the President with his senior generals would be checked many times over. No, this was a deliberate way to remind the USA that if they really are hell-bent on spending billions of dollars in a futile quest to create some kind of anti-missile system Russia could easily develop a cheap weapon system to still threaten the USA with total annihilation. Because, make no mistake, the kind of long range torpedo being suggested here would be rather cheap to build using only already existing technologies. I would even add that rather than setting such a weapon off the US coast the system could also be designed to fire off a secondary missile (ballistic or cruise) which could then fly to any inland target. Again, such technologies already exist in the Russian military and have even been deployed on a smaller scale. See for yourself:

Coming back to the real world, I don’t believe for one second that any type of anti-missile system could be deployed in Europe to shield NATO the EU or the US from a Russian retaliatory strike should the Empire ever decide to attack Russia. All the East Europeans are doing is painting a cross-hair on themselves as these will be the very first targets to be destroyed in case of a crisis. How? By use of special forces first and, if needed, by Iskander missile strikes if all else fails. But the most likely scenario is that key components of the anti-missile system will suddenly experience “inexplicable failures” which will render the entire system useless. The Russians know that and so do the Americans. But just to make sure that everybody got the message the Russians have now shown that even a fully functional and survivable US anti-missile system will not protect anybody from a Russian retaliation.

The sad thing is that US analysts all fully understand that but they have no say in a fantastically corrupt Pentagon. The real purpose of the US program is not to protect anybody against a non-existing Russian threat, but to dole out billions of dollars to US corporations and their shareholders. And if in the process the US destabilizes the entire planet and threatens the Russians – then “to hell with ‘em Russikes! We are the indispensable nation and f**k the rest of the planet!” Right?

What happened today is a gentle reminder of that.

Europe Fractures: France Pivots To Putin, Germany-US Splinter On Ukraine

by Tyler Durden Zero Hedge 10.02.2015
Following yesterday’s summary of the utter farce that the Minsk Summit/Ukraine “peace” deal talks have become, the various parties involved appear to be fracturing even faster today. The headlines are coming thick and fast but most prescient appears to be: Despite John Kerry’s denial of any split between Germany and US over arms deliveries to Ukraine, German Foreign Minister Steinmeier slammed Washington’s strategy for being “not just risky but counterproductive.” But perhaps most significantly is France’s continued apparent pivot towards Russia…

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