Putin’s official and unofficial targets in Ukraine

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Quelle: Putin’s official and unofficial targets in Ukraine

Putin’s official and unofficial targets in Ukraine

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Interview of American political analyst Andrew Korybko to Axar.az about Russia’s military operations in Ukraine:

1. What are your comments on Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov saying that Russia isn’t alone in the world because it still has friends?

This is an accurate depiction of reality that was most recently reflected by the UNGA vote on the proposal condemning Russia for its special military operation in Ukraine. Those countries that vetoed, abstained, or didn’t vote can be interpreted as those with independent foreign policies that are strategically autonomous and friendly to their mutually beneficial relations with Russia.

Azerbaijan is one such country, which isn’t surprising considering the Declaration on Allied Interaction that was agreed to between it and Russia during President Aliyev’s visit to Moscow on 22 February. The Azerbaijani leader also said that his country and Russia could potentially coordinate gas supplies to Europe. This shows how close these two neighbouring countries have become in recent years.

Others of importance who have thus far remained neutral are China, India, Iran, and Pakistan. These four are part of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and are expected to become priority partners for Russia in the coming future as it accelerates its grand strategic reorientation away from the West. They’re large, strong, and stable enough to collectively make a meaningful difference in Eurasia.

2. Which countries are on Russia`s side and how can they help? (…)


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